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  Cured in Place Pipe: CIPP

  • Specializing in Cured in Place Pipelining from 8” to 36”
  • Water inversion from manhole to manhole
  • Liner is cured with hot water that is heated through a boiler system
  • Specialized liner trucks built for Pro Form Pipe Lining Co., Inc. by Rush Sales in Odessa, Texas
    Proform Boiler Truck

    Proform Boiler Truck

    Proform Refrigerated truck

    ProForm Refrigerated truck

Lateral Lining with Cured in Place Pipe:

  • License purchased from Performance Linerâ in 1995
  • Process is done by ambient cured
  • Lateral lining from 3” to 8”

Sectional Spot Repairs:

License purchased from Performance Linerâ in 1995

  • Spot repairs can be installed at any point throughout sewer line
  • Spot repairs from 8” to 30” sewer lines and from 5’ to 30’ lengths

Manhole Rehabilitation:

  • License purchased from Permaformâ, Permacastâ in 2000
  • Permaformâ Process:
  • Non-disruptive structural restoration of sewer manholes
  • Installation of cast-in-place, seamless, concrete wall within existing manhole without excavation
  • Permacastâ Process:

Spin-Cast applicator, no-entry application, uniform high strength

Liner at any thickness from ½” to 2”

  • Manhole is Cor+GardÔ protected

Protruding Tap Removal:

  • Specializing in the removal of cast-iron, clay, PVC, and concrete protruding taps by Bowman cutting process and Lumber Jack cutting process.
  • Bowman Cutting Process:
  • Used in all cast-iron taps with diamond cutting wheel
  • Lumber Jack Cutting Process:
  • Used in conjunction with televising and vactor trucks with reality glasses

Jet Vactor Service:

  • Process of cleaning sewer lines and removing debris from sewer line using high pressure water
  • Sewer line is vacuumed out to complete removal of debris
  • Cleaning of 8” to 36” sewer lines

    Proform Jet / vactor

    <p>Proform Jet / vactor </p>

Bucket Machines:

  • Process of removal of heavy debris in sewer line
  • Root cutting of 8” to 36” diameter sewer lines

Televised Sewer Inspection:

  • Process of televising sewer lines with pan and tilt color cameras
  • Investigates the integrity of sewer lines for cleaning, potential problems, pipelining, and preventative maintenance
  • Televising of 1 ½” to 120” sewer lines with computer generated reports using Granite XP Sewer TV Inspection System
  • Pre-video and Post-video of cured-in-place-pipe formatted in CD, DVD or Video tape as customer requires

Manhole Testing:

  • Process of vacuum testing manhole assuring no leakage

Low Pressure Air Testing:

  • Process of air testing new sewer lines from 8” to 15” assuring no leakage

Smoke Testing:

  • Process of testing sewer lines using smoke to determine breaks within the sewer line or to determine water infiltration into City’s sewer line

Dye Water Testing:

  • Process of using colored dye tablet or liquid dye to locate laterals connecting to a main sewer line

Mandrell Testing:

  • Process of testing sewer lines to investigate the circumference of pipe for determination of misshaped or crushed circumference

Manhole Inspection:

  • Process done to determine condition of existing manholes and any infiltration problems

Bypass Pumping:

  • Process of re-directing the wastewater flow using an existing upstream manhole and diverting wastewater flow around the section or sections of the sewer line designated for rehabilitation

Above Ground Video:   Preparation for excavation

Coordination with Customers:   Notification to customers by submission of letter

  • Notification to customers by hanging a door hanger
    • See attached copies of letter and door hanger

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