About Proform

Founded 1980

By:   Marc Campbell Founder / Owner of Abe’s Plumbing  started in 1980. 

In 1980 Marc Campbell Founder and Owner started in the drain and sewer cleaning industry. Marc’s reputation for doing such good work quickly grew his business to the next level forming  Abe’s Plumbing Inc. a complete plumbing installation and repair service for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal customers.

   Marc invested heavily into emerging technologies specialized equipment large high pressure water jetting vactor trucks, underground televising equipment and robotics. all made the job of detecting and clearing of major clogging in underground piping more efficient.

     Televising underground piping revealed crushed and broken lines that needed repair or replacement. And in those days that meant digging up the crushed or broken pipes to be replaced. Excavating is usually very costly and limited to spot repairs not entire line replacement.

    In the early 90′s Marc meet a gentleman named Larry Kist that told him of LMK’s  emerging technology of mold-in-place pipe-lining. a  process to repair sewer pipes without the need for excavating. Marc knew this would be revolutionary in the sewer industry and purchased the license to become a certified LMK installer. leading the way to the formation of   ProForm Pipe Lining Inc. established in the early 90′s

(specializing in trench-less and underground rehabilitation’s ).

Marc’s Vision for Abe’s Plumbing and ProForm is to provide all the services a customer may need under one roof eliminating the added expense of multiparty companies to address a single project.

Whether your needs are short or long term, project specific small or large scale, ProForm has the experience, resources and commitment to help you find the right solution. Our experienced operators, and project managers will help you identify, prioritize and implement the most cost effective solution.

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